NEVAA Student Application 2016

NEVAA Student Application 2016

    About You

  • Room accommodations are to be provided by Creighton University. Linens/towel will be provided as part of your tuition fee. The rooms are suite-style and while you may have a private bedroom, you will have a shared living area and bathroom. If you have a suitemate preference, please indicate their name here:
  • About Your Agency (This section is for employees and volunteers. If you are a college student or not currently with an organization, please skip to the next section.)

  • NEVAA Requirements and Conditions

  • NEVAA requires approximately 1-3 hours of on-line self-study work to be completed prior to the academy. It is the responsibility of the attendee to print and submit the completion page stating the on-line training has been completed. The academy itself is 40 hours of classroom instruction. Both the on-line self-study work and the classroom instruction portions must be successfully completed to graduate from the Academy. The answers to the self-study quizzes and assignments must be the participant’s own work, and not copied from others.

    For respect of guest faculty and for participants to gain the most out of their Academy experience, participants are required to attend all five days of the Academy in their entirety to be considered a graduate of the Academy. Academy participants will receive a Certificate of Completion after attending all five days of the Academy. Participants are expected to sign in at every session for attendance confirmation.
  • The tuition fee for NEVAA is $500 per person. The fee must be paid in full no later than July 1, 2016. Tuition covers breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks M-F. If a student requires housing, on-campus housing will be provided to them at no additional cost. If payment is not made in full by this date, NEVAA reserves the right to open the spot to another applicant. Payment may be made by check payable to Creighton University. All applications will be reviewed by a NEVAA selection committee. A maximum of 50 participants will be accepted
  • Ten internal scholarships will be awarded to qualified candidates.
  • NEVAA participants may also qualify for an OVC Professional Development Scholarship. OVC applications are due 90 days before NEVAA, so apply by April 25, 2016 to qualify. To find out more and access application materials, visit: Office for Victims of Crime Professional Development Scholarship Program. If you receive an OVC scholarship but it does not cover the full amount of NEVAA’s fee, the participant will be responsible for the remainder. Agencies in need of financial assistance to attend this training may also be able to request funds from their grant administrators. Agencies who receive VOCA funding may contact their grant administrator at the Nebraska Crime Commission for more information.
  • If for any reason you are unable to attend the NEVAA, refund of registration fees, less a $25 processing fee, will be made only if the request is received by July 11, 2016. After July 11, 2016, the registration fee is non-refundable. However, the agency can request to hold the registration fee for the following year should there be a last minute cancellation.
  • If accepted, you will be required to complete daily evaluations, an overall evaluation at the end of the week, and a follow-up evaluation several months after the academy.
  • A certificate of completion will be presented to each participant upon fulfillment of all requisite conditions, including pre-academy coursework, attendance at the academy, and any additional coursework. CEUs for various professions have been applied for, and those interested in receiving CEUs will be able to sign up for them at the beginning of the academy.
  • Three (3) hours of undergraduate credit will be available either through the Department of Cultural and Social Studies at Creighton University or the Criminal Justice Department at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Students will be responsible for the 3 hours of tuition and fees along with filling out the appropriate university enrollment form.
  • Requirements

  • By typing in your name in lieu of signing and dating below, you certify that all information contained in this application packet is accurate, that you agree to meet all the requirements and conditions listed in this application, and that you agree to abide by any additional rules of conduct that may be imposed by NEVAA as needed to successfully host the Academy. Failure to comply with any of the stated Academy requirements or additional rules of conduct may result in disqualification from the Academy and/or denial of Certificate of Training without refund.