Grads Speak!

See the change NEVAA makes.

“As a student, this really reignited my passion and reminded me why I chose this profession.” -NEVAA Grad, College Student

“Fantastic! Outstanding! Your concern for us having an exceptional Academy experience was evident in everything we did. A huge thank you!” -NEVAA Grad, Victim Specialist

“I am sooo motiviated now to be an educator in my community to bring an awareness of the needs of victim. I hope having this training will lend credibility when I talk to my community.” -NEVAA Grad, Counselor

“Very worthwhile event which gave me better tools to work with with my clients. Every module was very well presented and helpful. Dialogue among other participants was also great!!!” -NEVAA Grad, Mental Health Counselor

“I’ve learned more in this week than I have throughout the year I have been employed at my job. THANK YOU ALL FOR THIS WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY!!!” -NEVAA Grad, Advocate

“This training did exactly what it was trying to do: bring together people who work with victims and teach how to help them. I think this Academy was run great! From the ease of check-in, to the food, to the quality of instructors, all expectations were met.” -NEVAA Grad, Law Enforcement

“This was great, even for a “seasoned” advocate like myself. This was a great experience!!  Faculty and staff very supportive and awesome.” -NEVAA Grad, Advocate

“This was a wonderful learning experience for me. I have a greater appreciation of the other entities and their role in advocacy.” -NEVAA Graduate

“I really enjoyed and learned so much from this training. It reminds me how much I need to do when I go back to work.” -NEVAA Graduate